Step # 1: Estimate


1. Project evaluation

Definition of the technology stack, preliminary cost estimate

2. Selection / evaluation of the performer

Choosing a developer or evaluating the capabilities of the current team or company. For large projects we work with teams or companies, for small ones we select private specialists.

3. Detailed assessment with the contractor

Discussion of the technology stack and detailed assessment with the contractor, identification of complex issues and risk assessment at each stage of development.

4. Contract

Development contract, legal support upon signing, verification of all aspects.

5. Project support

Control of each stage of the contract, assistance in acceptance, assessment of each stage

6. Final acceptance and independent testing

Before the final acceptance, we conduct independent testing and assessment of the work done, due to the fact that we control each stage, the final result is predictable, but nevertheless, the final acceptance is done as carefully as possible with the involvement of testing specialists.